Victorian Trials – 1880-1889

This is a list of some trials in Britain between 1880 and 1889.

This is not, of course, a definitive inventory. It is likely that details of the case were reported in the news. If you can find the name you are searching please make contact by using the enquiry form. I will see if any archive material is available. If you cannot find the person you are searching don’t worry – please enquire anyway. I will do a search and get back to you.

The data for these British trial pages is sourced from references more than 100 years old and took a long time to transcribe and digitise for the internet. They make fascinating reading and create temptation for us to find out more. They cover all life from murder to executions, libel, slander, bankruptcy, love affairs, divorce, wills, land disputes – it’s all there for us to discover and read about in the newspapers generations on.

I have transcribed these pages as faithfully as possible with little change to the language and style. I have taken time-out to remove any references that, today, we might find racist or offensive (as language and attitudes towards life has changed dramatically since the days of these court proceedings).

James Lewis Paine and Fanny Matthews, for murder of Miss Annie Maclean aged 34 daughter of col Maclean CB a deformed lady of property by starving administering spirits and ill-usage committed 15 Dec Fanny Matthews acquitted 16 Feb Paine sentenced to penal servitude for life, 24 Feb, 1880

Railway commissioners, powers limited, 13 Jan, 1880

Martin v Mackonochie, new action for deprivation first movement, 17 Jan, 1880

Alexander Schosser, attempted to kill priests in the Italian chapel Hatton-garden 10 Jan tried sentenced to imprisonment for life, 10 – 11 Feb, 1880

William Henry Walter, forger by chemicals &c sen­tenced to 20 years’ penal servitude, 23 March, 1880

Dr Caleb Charles Whitefoord, sentenced to 2 months’ imprisonment and fine of £50 for forging letter to stop execution of Charles Shurety, 24 March, 1880

West of England bank directors (Jerome Murch and others), for publishing false balance-sheets acquitted, 28 April-5 May, 1880

Lambri v Labouchere, for libel in Truth verdict for defendant, 15 May , 1880

Tichborne case, writ of error before court of appeal granted 13 Jan sentence affirmed, 24 25 June, 1880

Northern Counties Insurance Company, James E Crabtree manager George Edward Nesbitt accountant and four directors sentenced to impri­sonment for making and circulating false accounts, 22 July, 1880

Pleasance Louisa Ingle, nurse at Guy’s hospital convicted of manslaughter (she putting Louisa Morgan a patient into a cold bath and leaving her) 3 months’ imprisonment, 9 Aug, 1880

Henry Perry, for robbing Clarence Lewis in a Ken­sington railway carriage and attempting to throw him out of the carriage &c whipping and 20 years’ penal servitude, 25 Sept, 1880

Thomas Wheeler, for murder of Edward Anstee at Marshall’s Wick farm near St Albans 22 Aug convicted, 6 8 Nov, 1880

Sergeant William Marshman (by court-martial) for alleged fraudulent marking at the volunteer rifle meetings at Wimbledon 1878 1879 1880 ac­quitted, 13 Aug 16 Sept, 1880

George Pavey, convicted of murder of Ada Shepherd aged ten (Acton murder) and William Herbert con­victed of murder of Jane Messenger in Finsbury park, 24 Nov, 1880

Mr P Callan MP, convicted of libel against Mr A M Sullivan 4P (fine £50), 30 Nov, 1880

Debenham & Freebody v Mellon, appeal house of lords decide that a husband is not responsible for wife’s debts if he allow her sufficient means, 27 Nov, 1880

Attorney-general v Edison Telephone company, 29 Nov et seq verdict against company establish­ing monopoly bought by Government, 20 Dec, 1880

Trial of Charles Stewart Parnell Thomas Sexton Timothy Daniel Sullivan John Dillon Joseph Gillis Biggar all MP’s Thomas Brennan Pat­rick Egan and Michael O’Sullivan secretary treasurer and assist secretary of the land league Michael Boyton Patrick Joseph Gordon Matthew Harris John W Mally John W Walsh and P J Sheridan indicted for conspiracy to prevent tenants paying rent &c Queen’s Bench Dublin lord chief justice May retires as having been alleged to have given an opinion on the case previously trial 28 Dec 1880 jury disagreeing were discharged, 25 Jan, 1881

Jones and others (trustees) v rev John Turner Stannard nonconformist minister and others to dismiss him for doctrine contrary to trust deed verdict for plaintiffs chancery division, 1 Feb, 1881

Mary Annie Wilmot, nurse attempt to poison Mrs Booth (whose son and daughter had died under doubtful circumstances) at Sheffield strong case acquitted, 16 Feb, 1881

Hampstead small-pox hospital case (see also 1878-9), on appeal to the house of lords preced­ing judgments reversed, 7 March, 1881

Dysart, peerage legitimacy case Wlliam John Manners claims by an English marriage of lord Hunting-tower Albert Edwin Tollemache by a Scotch mar­riage which is declared not proved house of lords (painful details), 7 March, 1881

Clarke v Bradlaugh, suit for penalty of £500 for sitting and voting as MP without taking the oath on July 2 1880 verdict for plaintiff ap­peal sentence confirmed, 30 – 31 March, 1881

Edward Levi Lawson v Labouchere MP, for libels in Truth seven days’ trial jury disagree no verdict, 28 March, 1881

Spiritualist case Susan Wills Fletcher, (wife of a spiritualist doctor in America’ who was concerned in the case) convicted of obtaining by false pre­tences about £10000 (in jewellery &c) of Mrs Hart-Davies long trial twelve months’ imprison­ment with hard labour, 12 April, 1881

Johann Most, convicted of libel against Alexander II of Russia and incitement to murder in the Freiheit for 19 March 25 May sentence affirmed on appeal 18 June i6 months’ imprisonment with hard labour, 29 June, 1881

Saunders v Richardson, 5 judges decide that pa­rents must either pay board-school fees for child beforehand or apply for pecuniary help coming without fee considered non-attendance, 27 June, 1881

Bend Or libel Barrow v Morality Pitt, for accu­sation of doctoring the horse verdict for plaintiff damages £1750, 27 – 28 June, 1881

Big Ben libel Stainbank (for Mears) v sir E C Beckett, 27 June verdict for plaintiff £200 damages, 5 July, 1881

Percy Lefroy alias Mapleton, committed for trial for murder of Mr Fk I Gold on the London and Brighton railway (27 June) 21 July convicted 8 Nov confessed executed, 29 Nov, 1881

Notting Hill Fire William Nash and Maria Wright, for murder of Elizabeth Jane Clark and others by fire 30 May he sentenced to death (reprieved) she acquitted, 3 – 4 Aug, 1881

Ledru Rohn Reynolds, adventurer with many aliases convicted of remarkable frauds connected with the silver mine company two years’ penal servitude, 15 Sept, 1881

Mabel Wilberforce an adventuress convicted of gross perjury in action against Mr Philip nine months’ hard labour, 24 Oct, 1881

Kate Dover, for murder of Chas Skinner artist at Sheffield convicted of manslaughter, 7 Feb, 1882

Dr G H Lamson, for murder of Percy M John (convicted 8-14 March executed, 28 April, 1882

Roderick Maclean, for shooting at the queen’ acquitted as insane, 19 April, 1882

Esther Pay, for murder of Georgiana Moore acquitted, 27-29 April, 1882

Albert Youn, for threatening to shoot at the queen 10 years’ penal servitude, 26 May, 1882

Mr Thomas Scrutton v Miss Helen Taylor, a libel concerning St Paul’s industrial school damages £1000, 30 June, 1882

Sir Henry Tyler MP, v William Jas Ramsey George William Foote and Edward William Whittle also Chaarles Bradlaugh for blasphemous libel in the Free­thinker (lord mayor 11 July) committed for trial

21 July, 1882

Next of Kin Fraud J E Rogers A McKenzie J H Shakspear and W Evans sentenced to imprisonment, 21 July, 1882

Thomas Walsh, for treason felony 7 years’ penal servitude, 7-9 Aug, 1882

John Saunders, desperate ruffian convicted of bur­glary and attempt to murder at Stamford-hill penal servitude for life, 19 Oct, 1882

Charles Soutar, for stealing time body of the earl of Crawford Edinburgh 5 years’ penal servitude, 23 – 24 Oct, 1882

William Meager Bartlet, a manager of mines convicted of murder of illegitimate child Exeter, 27 Oct, 1882

Charles Brookshaw, for threatening to kill the prince of Wales 10 years’ penal servitude, 21 Nov, 1882

St Luke’s Mystery Franz Felix Stum, convicted of forgery of signature of Urban Napoleon Stanger baker, who had disappeared 10 years’ penal servitude, 11 Dec, 1882

Plumstead Murder Louisa Jane Taylor, convicted of poisoning Mary Ann Tregillis aged 81, 15 Dec, 1882

Richard Claude Belt (sculptor) v Charles Lawes (sculptor), for libel in Vanity Fair 20 Aug 1881 et seq (charges of fraudulent imposture, &c) before Baron Huddleston Exchequer division 21 June et seq 14 Nov et seq verdict on 43rd day for plaintiff damages £5000, 28 Dec, 1882

Goodacre v Watson, to restrain deposition of pes­tilential refuse on building ground as a nuisance at Fulham injunction granted with costs, 22 Feb, 1883

Bethell v Sir Percy Shelley, for infringement of the Theatre act verdict for defendant as damages, 23 Feb, 1883

G W Foote, editor W J Ramsey printer and H A Kemp publisher sentenced to imprisonment for blasphemous libels in the Freethinker, 5 March, 1883

Clarke v Bradlaugh, verdict for defendant on ap­peal to lords (search March 1881), 9 April, 1883

C Bradlaugh, for blasphemy in the Freethinker, 10 April acquitted, 14 April, 1883

Bradlaugh v Newdegate, for supporting an action by a common informer verdict for plaintiff with costs 23 April, 1883

Phoenix park murders, AprilMay, 1883

Belt v Lawes, appeal for new trial 4 May-9 June Dynamite Plot Thomas Gallagher Henry Wilson John Curtin and Alfred Whitehead for treason-felony sentenced to penal servitude for life William Ansburgh and Bernard Gallagher ac­quitted, 11 – 14 June, 1883

Strome Ferry Case, Ten men were sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for violently stopping the transmission of fish by Highland railway on Sunday 3 June, 23 July, 1883

Dynamite conspiracy, Timothy Featherstone and three other Fenians convicted at Liverpool, 7 – 9 Aug, 1883

William Gouldstone, convicted of murder of his five children at Walthamstow (on 8 Aug) 14 Sept respited as insane, 3 Oct, 1883

Bournemouth case Mrs Millen, the Joy breach of promise conflicting evidence damages for plaintiff £2350, 15 Nov, 1883

French Date Coffee Co Bellairs v Haymen, and others promoters misleading prospectus ver­dict for plaintiff, 22 Nov, 1883

London and River Plate Bank robbery George Warden, pleads guilty to robbery of securities (about £116000) 26 Nov and John Davis Watters con­victed of receiving the same both sentenced to 12 years’ penal servitude, 27 Nov, 1883

Dobbs v Grand Junction, water works co on ap­peal the house of lords decides that houses are to be rated for water on the rated not the gross value, 30 Nov, 1883

Patrick O’Donnell, convicted of murder of James Carey the informer, 30 Nov -1 Dec, 1883

Priestman v Thomas Whalley will case incredi­ble incidents verdict for plaintiff a forged will fraudulent compromise proposed by defendant 15 days’ trial, 4 Dec, 1883

Central News v Judy for libel respecting telegrams verdict for defendant, 13 Dec, 1883

Belt v Lawes, again the judges decide for a new trial unless Mr Belt accepts £500 instead of £50001 Belt accepts defendant objects, 21 Dec, 1883

William Wolff and Edward Bondurand, for plot to blow up German embassy arrested in Westminster 22 Nov 1883 jury disagree 14-19 Jan prisoners discharged 28 Jan, 1884

Bradlaugh v Gosset, verdict for defendant, 9 Feb, 1884

Attorney-general v Birkbeck, for contravention of the Bank act of 1844 verdict for the crown, 9 Feb, 1884

Liverpool poisoning case Catherine Flanagan and Margaret Higgins, convicted of the murder of Thomas Higgins other charges 16 Feb exe­cuted, 3 March, 1884

Belt v Lawes, appeal before Master of the Rolls and others 3 March sentence of the other court affirmed with costs, 17 March, 1884

London Financial Association v Kelk, and others case dismissed, 8 March, 1884

Earl v countess of Euston divorce sought on ground that she had a husband living when she married as it was proved that this man had a wife living when he married her and that thus she was free divorce was refused, 4 April, 1884

Parks-place Club, declared by the Queen’s Bench to be a gaming-house Mr Jenks the proprietor and others fined, 24 June, 1884

Mrs Weldon v Dr Semple for signing certificate of lunacy ten days verdict for plaintiff £1000 damages, 28 July, 1884

Daley and Egan, Aug 1884, May, 1884

Thomas Henry Orrock, convicted of murder of policeman Cole (on 1 Dec 1882) remarkable evidence, 19 – 20 Sept, 1884

Tichborne Claimant (search 1871-4) released on ticket-of-leave, 20 Oct, 1884

Mignonette Case, 6 Nov, 1884

Miss Finney v viscount Garmoyle, breach of pro­mise of marriage a verdict by consent for £10000, 20 Nov, 1884

Defence society for innocent prisoners Morley Jervis, sentenced to 2 years’ penal servitude Vernon Garland 15 months and Charles Kemp 9 mouths’ for fraud, 21 Nov, 1884

Adams v Hon B Coleridge, for libel in a letter to Miss M Coleridge verdict of jury for plaintiff £3000 verdict by judge Manisty for defendant the letter being privileged, 21 – 22 Nov, 1884

Whalley Will Case (search Dec 1883) Charles Thomas and Thomas William Nash convicted of forgery 15 years’ penal servitude Edward Gunnell ac­quitted, 24 Nov-2 Dec, 1884

Mrs Weldon v Dr Forbes Winslow, for treating her as a lunatic £500 awarded to plaintiff 4th trial, 25-29 Nov, 1884

Eliz Gibbons, for murder of husband she asserted his suicide 18-19 Dec life imprisonment, 31 Dec, 1884

Mr Edmund Yates, sentenced to 4 months’ im­prisonment for libel against the earl of Lonsdale (in The World) July 1883-April 1884 appeal dis­allowed, 16 Jan, 1885

Mr Irving Bishop fined £10000 for libel (reduced to £500 on appeal), 15 Jan, 1885

John Lee, footman convicted of murder of Miss Emma A W Keyse his mistress (at Babbicombe near Torquay 15 Nov) 2-4 Feb when about to be hanged at Exeter the drop failed three times and Lee was removed and reprieved (see Ian Waugh’s murder case research: www johnbabbacombelee com), 23 Feb, 1885

The earl of Durham’s petition, for annulling his mar­riage on account of his wife’s alleged insanity at the time of their union dismissed with costs by sir James Hannen after 8 days’ trial, 10 March, 1885

Mrs Georgina Weldon, sentenced to 6 months’ im­prisonment for libel on M Jules Prudence Ri­viere, 30 March, 1885

James Lee, convicted of murder of Inspector Sim­mons at Romford (25 Jan), 28 April, 1885

John Gilbert Cunningham and Harry Burton, convicted of treason-felony and for complicity with criminal explosions (25 Feb et seq) sentenced to penal servitude for life, 11-18 May, 1885

Weldon v Gounod, for libel £10000 awarded, 7 May, 1885

Eugene Loraine, engraver an accomplished swindler and chief of a seminary of crime convicted of attempted fraud by forgery, 22 May, 1885

Benjamin Warburton’s will Warburton V Childs Hobson & Moss, testator declared insane and intestate legacies lost by Royal Society and others seven days’ trial, 23 June, 1885

Mrs Lotinga v Commercial Union Insurance Co Policy, of her husband Isaac for £2000 established conflicting evidence respecting his death and temperance (14 clays’ trial), 2 July, 1885

James Malcolm (otherwise capt Macdonald), for bigamy (gross case) Emma Dash at Brighton 4 April doubtful identity jury disagree 25-Sept second trial 16 Oct convicted seven years’ Penal servitude, 24 Oct, 1885

W T Stead, editor of Pall Mall Gazette (2) Sampson Jacques (assistant) (3) Bramwell Booth of Salvation Army (4) Rebecca Jarrett and (5) Louise Mourey connection with abduction of Eliza Armstrong under 6 and indecent assault (1) three months’ imprisonment (2) one month (3) acquitted (4) six months’ (5) six months’ with hard labour, 23 Oct – 10 Nov, 1885

Mrs Weldon v sir Henry De Bathe, for slander 19 Nov £1000 damages awarded, 23 Nov, 1885

Anthony Benjamin Rudge James Baker and John Martin convicted for burglary at Netherby Hall Cumberland 28 Oct and murder of police constable Byrnes at Plumpton 29 Oct (captured by railway servants), 18-20 Jan 1886

John Magee, photographer sentenced to seven years’ penal servitude for threatening the prince of Wales, 15 Jan, 1886

Richard Belt, sculptor sentenced to twelve months’ imprisonment with hard labour for fraudulent sale of jewellery to sir William Abdy his brother Walter acquitted, 15 March, 1886

John Burns Henry Hyde Champion Henry Mayers Hyndinan and John Edward Williams, for seditious words acquitted but censured, 6-10 April, 1886

Mrs Adelaide Bartlett, tried for the murder of her husband by chloroform (Rev George Dyson charged as an accessory before the fact discharged 12 April ) Mrs Bartlett acquitted, 12-17 April, 1886

Dr Lyell for heirs-at-law v Kennedy, agent for Anne Duncan intestate long litigation re­specting property verdict for plaintiff, 22 June, 1886

Crawford v Crawford, divorce of Mrs Crawford decreed 12 Feb confirmed serious charges against sir Charles Dilke denied by him but accepted by jury, 22 July, 1886

Diamond robbery with violence to Mr Julius Tabak, the owner 25 March conviction and sentences Adolphe Weiner instigator seven years’ penal servitude James Palmer perpe­trator ten years’ accomplices Leon Weiner Daniel Jacoby and Samuel Scandland each five years, 1-4 Nov, 1886 [Principal witness Toussaint or Denuncis who was sentenced to 15 years’ penal servitude in June for his joint action with Palmer who escaped when Toussaint was taken]

Mary Lena Sebright (formerly Scott) v Arthur Sebright, a merely formal marriage contract entered into by the terrorised plaintiff annulled, 16 Nov, 1886

Adams v lord Coleridge, and his son the hon B Coleridge for libel in letters sent to an arbitrator (lord Monkswell) wrongly delivered verdict for defendants with costs, 17-25 Nov, 1886

Lord and lady Colin Campbell, divorce double suit (previous judicial separation numerous charges on both sides not proved) suits for divorce dismissed, 27 Nov-20 Dec, 1886

Miss Allcard v Miss Skinner, (superior of the ” Sisters of the Poor” an Anglican convent Rev Henry Nihill director) to recover property given as under undue influence verdict for defendant 31 Jan appeal rejected, 9 July, 1887

Thomas William Carroll convicted for atrocious murder of Lydia Green at 8 Baches -street Hoxton, 5 Feb 30 March – 2 April, 1887

Mr Dillon, and other MP’s for conspiracy jury disagree, 14-24 Feb, 1887

Col Sandoval, sentenced to one month’s imprison­ment and fined £500 for fitting out vessel against Venezuela, 21 March, 1887

Mr James Davis, proprietor of the Bat convicted for libel against Mr Robert Peck three months’ imprisonment and fine of £500, 30 March, 1887

Mr Edward St John Brenon v Messrs Ridgway, publishers of the ” Black Pamphlet ” (relating to Irish republican brotherhood &c) £500 awarded as damages, 3 May, 1887

Professor Caird v Syme (a bookseller), after differing decisions of the courts the house of lords on appeal decides against the publication of university lectures without the consent of the lecturers, 13 June, 1887

Beyfus v Jonas, and others charge of fraudulent conspiracy thirteen days’ trial verdict for plaintiff 40 shillings damages, 5 July, 1887

Samuel Taylor driver and Robert Davis, fireman tried for manslaughter, 14 Oct, 1887

Police constable Endacott, acquitted of perjury, 31 Oct – 1 Nov, 1887

Joyce (the marquis’s agent) v the marquis of Clanricarde, for libel in a letter verdict for plaintiff damages £25001, 6 – 7 Dec, 1887

Long firm fraud thirteen men convicted, sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, 21 Dec, 1887

Cuninghame Graham MP and John Burns tried for assaulting police &c on 13 Nov 1887 convicted of taking part in an unlawful assembly six weeks’ imprisonment without hard labour,16 – 18 Jan, 1888

Dynamite conspiracy Thomas Callan and Michael Harkins, sentenced to fifteen years’ penal servitude, 3 Feb, 1888

Slater v Slater a chancery forgery case the court defrauded of about £4000 the property of Miss Rose Maud Maxwell by the forgeries of William Bowden a solicitor’s clerk the money ordered to be paid to her by the court of chancery Bowden in Nebraska John Francis Lidiard a solicitor his friend ordered to repay the money to the court, 4 Feb, 1888

Marquis of Abergavenny v bishop of Llandaff, after much litigation verdict for the bishop who had refused to induct the Rev Robert W Gosse into a living being ignorant of the Welsh language, 22 Feb, 1888

Major Borrowes, fined £400 and costs for assaulting his brother-in-law lord Howard de Walden, 10 March, 1888

Major Templer, honourably acquitted of charge of divulging secret information concerning military ballooning &c, 9 April, 1888

Mr Samuel Peters v Mr C Bradlaugh MP for libel respecting cheques given him by lord Salisbury and others for the relief of the unemployed £300 awarded to the plaintiff, 18 April, 1888

Warne & Co v Seebohm,, 10 May, 1888

Hutt and another v The governors of Haileybury college, , 19 June, 1888

Wood v Cox,, 29 June, 1888

O’Donnell v Walter, and another (for libel in the Times) verdict for the defendants (search Parnellites), 2-5 July, 1888

Trials respecting electric light patents, 1886-1888

George and Kelynge Greenway, bankers of Warwick and Leamington sentenced to imprisonment &c for frauds, 31 July, 1888

Trial of Regent’s park murderer, July 1888

R P B Frost and his presumed wife Annie Frost, (clever and fascinating) who as Mrs Gordon Bailie and other names had carried on a long series of frauds at home and abroad by means of fictitious cheques convicted of cheating trades­men of goods and money he sentenced to eigh­teen months’ imprisonment with hard labour she to five years’ penal servitude, 24 Oct, 1888

Anthony Isidor Glika, sentenced to ten years’ penal servitude for defrauding his employers Messrs Vagliano Bros and the Bank of England of £71500 27 June-7 July in a subsequent trial the Queen’s Bench Division adjudged the bank to bear the loss, 2 Nov, 1888[Sentence confirmed by court of appeal 21 May 1889 reversed by the House of Lords 5 March 1891]

Mrs Weldon v M Riviere, and others verdict for defendants, 15 Nov, 1888

Charles Richardson and Edgell, who had con­fessed to burglary at Edlingham vicarage near Alnwick on 7 Feb 1879 sentenced to five years’ penal servitude, 24 Nov, 1888 [Michael Brannagham and Peter Murphy who had been wrongfully convicted for this crime and attempt to murder had been sentenced to penal servitude for life April 1879 each received £800 as compensation Dec 1888 the police were acquitted of perjury and doubts were thrown on the confession of Richardson and Edgell Feb 1889]

Lyster Burdett and Clarke, convicted of burglary and attempt to murder Mr George Atkin at Muswell Hill sentenced to penal servitude for life, 7 March 1889

Mrs Sophia Irwin v Pall Mall Gazette, for libel damages awarded £1000, 4 April, 1889

Sir George Chetwynd v the earl of Durham, for libels relating to racing transactions the damages claimed £20000 After some litigation and much discussion the case was referred to the arbitration of the stewards of the jockey club Mr Jas Lowther MP the earl of March and prince Soltikoff they awarded sir George Chetwynd quarter penny damages each person to pay his own costs, 29 June, 1889 [Sir George Chetwynd who was exonerated from the graver but censured for the lighter charges quitted the club 5 July 1889]

W O’Brien MP v the marquis of Salisbury, for libel in a speech at Watford 10 March charging him with inciting to crime in a speech at Ballyneale near Clonmel 30 Sept 1888 damages claimed £10000 trial at Manchester verdict, for defendant, 20 July, 1889 [New trial refused by the queen’s bench 21 Dec 1889 appeal disallowed 8 May 1890]

Mrs Florence Elizabeth Maybrick, charged with poisoning her husband James Maybrick at Aigburth by arsenic tried at Liverpool by Mr justice Stephen convicted 21 July-7 Aug sentence of death commuted to penal servitude for life, 22 Aug, 1889

Gweedore trials, Ireland, Oct, 1889

John Watson Laurie (at Edinburgh) convicted of the murder of Elwin Robert Rose his fellow traveller in th6 Island of Arran (on 15 July) 8 9 Nov 1889 respited as of unsound mind 28 Nov penal servitude for life about, 1 Dec, 1889

Rev Percy G Benson, vicar of Hoo Kent sus­pended from duty for one year for excluding Mrs Swayne from the communion for schism 25 Oct directed by the bishop of Rochester to receive her yields, 29 Nov, 1889

Victorian Trials – 1880-1889