20th Century UK Executions

This is a list of 20th century UK executions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Name Date Year Place Crime
Louisa Josephine Jemima Masset (female) 9th January 1900 Newgate Murder
Ada Chard-Williams (female) 8th March 1900 Newgate Murder
Henry Grove 22nd May 1900 Newgate Murder
Alfred Highfield 17th July 1900 Newgate Murder
William James Irwin 14th August 1900 Newgate Murder
Charles Backhouse 16th August 1900 Leeds Murder
Thomas Mellor 16th August 1900 Leeds Murder
William Lacy 21st August 1900 Cardiff Murder
Charles Oliver Blewitt 28th August 1900 Leeds Murder
John Parr 2nd October 1900 Newgate Murder
William Burrett 8th October 1900 Chelmsford Murder
Joseph Holden 4th December 1900 Manchester Murder
John Bowes 12th December 1900 Durham Murder
James Bergin 27th December 1900 Liverpool Murder
William Woods 11th January 1901 Belfast Murder
Samson Silas Salmon 19th February 1901 Newgate Murder
George Henry Parker 19th March 1901 Wandsworth Murder
Herbert John Bennett 21st March 1901 Norwich Murder
James Shufflebotham 2nd April 1901 Stafford Murder
Valeri Giovanni 9th July 1901 Bodmin Murder
Charles Richard Thomas Watkins 30th July 1901 Maidstone Murder
Ernest Walter Wickham 18th August 1901 Wandsworth Murder
John Joyce 20th August 1901 Birmingham Murder
Marcel Fougeron 19th November 1901 Newgate Murder
Patrick McKenna 3rd December 1901 Manchester Murder
John Miller 7th December 1901 Newcastle Murder
John Robert Miller 7th December 1901 Newcastle Murder
John George Thompson 10th December 1901 Durham Murder
Alexander (Alick) Claydon 13th December 1901 Northampton Murder
John Harrison 24th December 1901 Liverpool Murder
Harold Amos Apted 18th March 1902 Maidstone Murder
Richard Wigley 18th March 1902 Shrewsbury Murder
Arthur Richardson 25th March 1902 Hull Murder
Charles Robert Earl 29th April 1902 Wandsworth Murder
George Woolfe 6th May 1902 Newgate Murder
Thomas Marsland 20th May 1902 Liverpool Murder
Samuel Middleton 15th July 1902 Worcester Murder
William Churcher 22nd July 1902 Winchester Murder
John Bedford 30th July 1902 Derby Murder
William Lane 12th August 1902 Stafford Murder
George William Hibbs 13th August 1902 Wandsworth Murder
John Macdonald 30th September 1902 Pentonville Murder
Henry Williams 11th November 1902 Pentonville Murder
Patrick Leggett 12th November 1902 Glasgow Murder
Henry McWiggins (Harry Mack) 2nd December 1902 Manchester Murder
William Chambers 4th December 1902 Bedford Murder
Thomas Fairclough Barrow 9th December 1902 Pentonville Murder
Jeermiah Callaghan 12th December 1902 Usk Murder
Samuel Walton 16th December 1902 Durham Murder
Thomas Nicholson 16th December 1902 Durham Murder
William Brown 16th December 1902 Wandsworth Murder
William James Bolton 23rd December 1902 Hull Murder
George Place 30th December 1902 Warwick Murder
Amelia Sach (female) 3rd February 1903 Holloway Murder
Annie Walters (female) 3rd February 1903 Holloway Murder
William Hughes 17th February 1903 Ruthin Murder
Edgar Edwards 3rd March 1903 Wandsworth Murder
Samuel Henry Smith 10th March 1903 Lincoln Murder
George Chapman 7th April 1903 Wandsworth Murder
William George Hudson 12th May 1903 Manchester Murder
Gustav Rau 2nd June 1903 Liverpool Murder
Willem Smith 2nd June 1903 Liverpool Murder
Charles Howell 7th July 1903 Chelmsford Murder
Samuel Herbert Dougal 8th July 1903 Chelmsford Murder
Thomas Porter 21st July 1903 Leicester Murder
Thomas Preston 21st July 1903 Leicester Murder
Leonard Patchett 28th July 1903 Lincoln Murder
William Joseph Tuffen 11th August 1903 Wandsworth Murder
Charles Slowe 10th November 1903 Pentonville Murder
Edward Richard Palmer 17th November 1903 Devizes Murder
Bernard White 1st December 1903 Chelmsford Murder
Charles Whittaker 2nd December 1903 Manchester Murder
James Duffy 8th December 1903 Durham Murder
William Haywood 15th December 1903 Hereford Murder
William Brown 16th December 1903 Winchester Murder
Thomas Cowdrey 16th December 1903 Winchester Murder
Charles William Ashton 22nd December 1903 Hull Murder
John Gallagher 29th December 1903 Leeds Murder
Emily Swann (female) 29th December 1903 Leeds Murder
Henry Starr 29th December 1903 Liverpool Murder
Joseph Moran 5th January 1904 Londonderry Murder
Sidney George Smith 9th March 1904 Gloucester Murder
James Henry Clarkson 29th March 1904 Leeds Murder
Henry Jones 29th March 1904 Stafford Murder
Charles Samuel Dyer 5th April 1904 Birmingham Murder
Ping Lun 31st May 1904 Liverpool Murder
William Kirwan 31st May 1904 Liverpool Murder
John Sullivan 12th July 1904 Pentonville Murder
Samuel Rowledge 13th July 1904 Northampton Murder
Thomas Gunning 26th July 1904 Glasgow Murder
George Breeze 2nd August 1904 Durham Murder
John Thomas Kay 17th August 1904 Leeds Murder
Samuel Holden 17th August 1904 Birmingham Murder
Joseph Potter (Conrad Donovan) 13th December 1904 Pentonville Murder
Charles Wade 13th December 1904 Pentonville Murder
Edmund Hall 20th December 1904 Leeds Murder
Eric Lange 20th December 1904 Cardiff Murder
Joseph Fee 22nd December 1904 Armagh Murder
Arthur Jeffries 29th December 1904 Leeds Murder
Edward Harrison 28th February 1905 Wandsworth Murder
John Hutchinson 29th March 1905 Nottingham Murder
Alfred Bridgeman 26th April 1905 Pentonville Murder
Alfred Stratton 23rd May 1905 Wandsworth Murder
Albert Ernest Stratton 23rd May 1905 Wandsworth Murder
Alfred John Heal 20th June 1905 Wandsworth Murder
Ferat Mohamed Ben Ali 1st August 1905 Maidstone Murder
William Alfred Hancock 9th August 1905 Knutsford Murder
Arthur Devereux 15th August 1905 Pentonville Murder
Thomas George Tattersall 15th August 1905 Leeds Murder
George William Butler 7th November 1905 Pentonville Murder
Pasha Liffey 14th November 1905 Glasgow Murder
William Yarnold 5th December 1905 Worcester Murder
Henry Perkins 6th December 1905 Newcastle Murder
Samuel Curtis 20th December 1905 Maidstone Murder
Frederick William Edge 27th December 1905 Stafford Murder
George Smith 28th December 1905 Leeds Murder
John Silk 29th December 1905 Derby Murder
John (Jack) Griffiths 27th February 1906 Manchester Murder
Harry Walters 10th April 1906 Wakefield Murder
Edward Glynn 7th August 1906 Nottingham Murder
Thomas Acomb Mouncer 9th August 1906 Wakefield Murder
Frederick Reynolds 13th November 1906 Wandsworth Murder
Edward Hartigan 27th November 1906 Knutsford Murder
Richard Buckham 4th December 1906 Chelmsford Murder
Walter Marsh 27th December 1906 Derby Murder
John Davis 1st January 1907 Warwick Murder
Thomas Connan 19th February 1907 St Helier Murder
Joseph Jones 26th March 1907 Stafford Murder
Edwin James Moore 3rd April 1907 Warwick Murder
William Edward Slack 16th July 1907 Derby Murder
Charles Paterson 7th August 1907 Liverpool Murder
Richard Brinkley 13th August 1907 Wandsworth Murder
Rhoda Willis (female) 14th August 1907 Cardiff Murder
William George Austin 5th November 1907 Reading Murder
William Duddles 20th November 1907 Lincoln Murder
George (Notty) Stills 13th December 1907 Cardiff Murder
Joseph Hume 5th March 1908 Inverness Murder
Joseph William Noble 24th March 1908 Durham Murder
Robert Lawman 24th March 1908 Durham Murder
John Ramsbottom 12th May 1908 Manchester Murder
Frederick Ballington 28th July 1908 Manchester Murder
Thomas Siddle 4th August 1908 Hull Murder
Matthew James Dodds 5th August 1908 Durham Murder
Edward Johnstone 19th August 1908 Perth Murder
John Berryman 20th August 1908 Londonderry Murder
James Nichols 2nd November 1908 Norwich Murder
James Phipps 12th November 1908 Knutsford Murder
John William Ellwood 3rd December 1908 Leeds Murder
William Bouldry 8th December 1908 Maidstone Murder
Harry Taylor Parker 15th December 1908 Warwick Murder
Patrick (Noah Percy) Collins 30th December 1908 Cardiff Murder
John Esmond Murphy 6th January 1909 Pentonville Murder
Jeremiah O’Connor 23rd February 1909 Durham Murder
Ernest Hutchinson 2nd March 1909 Wakefield Murder
Thomas Mead 12th March 1909 Leeds Murder
Edmund Walter Elliott 30th March 1909 Exeter Murder
See Lee 30th March 1909 Liverpool Murder
Joseph Edwin Jones 13th April 1909 Stafford Murder
William Joseph Foy 8th May 1909 Swansea Murder
Morris Reuben 20th May 1909 Pentonville Murder
Marks Reuben 20th May 1909 Pentonville Murder
John Edmunds 3rd July 1909 Usk Murder
Walter Davies 9th July 1909 Wakefield Murder
Alexander Edmundstone 16th July 1909 Perth Murder
William Hampton 20th July 1909 Bodmin Murder
Mark Shawcross 3rd August 1909 Manchester Murder
Julius Wammer 10th August 1909 Wandsworth Murder
Madar Dal Dhingra 17th August 1909 Pentonville Murder
Richard Justin 19th August 1909 Belfast Murder
John Freeman 7th December 1909 Hull Murder
Abel Atherton 8th December 1909 Durham Murder
Samuel Atherley 14th December 1909 Nottingham Murder
William Murphy 15th February 1910 Carnarvon Murder
Joseph Wren 22nd February 1910 Manchester Murder
George Henry Perry 1st March 1910 Pentonville Murder
Thomas Clements (aka William Butler) 24th March 1910 Usk Murder
Thomas William Jesshope 25th May 1910 Wandsworth Murder
James Henry Hancock 14th June 1910 Cambridge Murder
Thomas Craig 12th July 1910 Durham Murder
Frederick Foreman 14th July 1910 Chelmsford Murder
John Raper Coulson 9th August 1910 Leeds Murder
John Alexander Dickman 9th August 1910 Newcastle Murder
Thomas Rawcliff 15th November 1910 Lancaster Murder
Henry Thompson 22nd November 1910 Liverpool Murder
Hawley Harvey Crippen 23rd November 1910 Pentonville Murder
William Broome (Brooks) 24th November 1910 Reading Murder
Noah Woolf 21st December 1910 Pentonville Murder
Henry Ison 29th December 1910 Leeds Murder
George Newton 31st January 1911 Chelmsford Murder
Thomas Seymour 9th May 1911 Liverpool Murder
Michael Collins 24th May 1911 Pentonville Murder
Arthur Garrod 20th June 1911 Ipswich Murder
William Henry Palmer 19th July 1911 Leicester Murder
Francisco Charles Godhino 17th October 1911 Pentonville Murder
Edward Hill 17th October 1911 Pentonville Murder
Frederick Henry Thomas 15th November 1911 Wandsworth Murder
Michael Fagan 6th December 1911 Liverpool Murder
Walter Martyn 12th December 1911 Manchester Murder
John Edward Tarkenter 12th December 1911 Manchester Murder
Henry Phillips 14th December 1911 Swansea Murder
Joseph Fletcher 15th December 1911 Liverpool Murder
George William Parker 19th December 1911 Maidstone Murder
Charles Coleman 21st December 1911 St Albans Murder
George Loake 28th December 1911 Stafford Murder
Myer Abramovitch 6th March 1912 Pentonville Murder
John Williams 19th March 1912 Knutsford Murder
Frederick Henry Seddon 18th April 1912 Pentonville Murder
Arthur Birkett 23rd July 1912 Manchester Murder
Sargent Philp 1st October 1912 Wandsworth Murder
Robert Galloway 5th November 1912 Norwich Murder
Gilbert Oswald Smith 26th November 1912 Gloucester Murder
William Beal 10th December 1912 Chelmsford Murder
Alfred John Lawrence 18th December 1912 Maidstone Murder
William Wallace Galbraith 20th December 1912 Wakefield Murder
Albert Rumens 7th January 1913 Lewes Murder
George Mackay (aka John Williams) 29th January 1913 Lewes Murder
Edward Hopwood 29th January 1913 Pentonville Murder
Eric James Sedgewick 4th February 1913 Reading Murder
George Cunliffe 25th February 1913 Exeter Murder
Edward Henry Palmer 19th March 1913 Bristol Murder
William Sykes 23rd April 1913 Wakefield Murder
William Walter Burton 24th June 1913 Dorchester Murder
Henry Longden 8th July 1913 Pentonville Murder
Thomas Fletcher 9th July 1913 Worcester Murder
John Vickers Amos 22nd July 1913 Newcastle Murder
Frank Greening 13th August 1913 Birmingham Murder
James Ryder 13th August 1913 Manchester Murder
Hugh McLaren 14th August 1913 Cardiff Murder
Patrick Higgins 2nd October 1913 Edinburgh Murder
Frederick Seekings 4th November 1913 Cambridge Murder
Augustus John Penny 26th November 1913 Winchester Murder
Frederick Robertson 27th November 1913 Pentonville Murder
Ernest Kelly 17th December 1913 Manchester Murder
George Frederick Law 31st December 1913 Wakefield Murde
George Ball (aka Sumner) 26th February 1914 Liverpool Murder
James Honeyands 12th March 1914 Exeter Murder
Josiah Davies 10th March 1914 Stafford Murder
Robert Upton 24th March 1914 Durham Murder
Edgar Lewis Bindon 25th March 1914 Cardiff Murder
Joseph Spooner 14th May 1914 Liverpool Murder
Walter James White 16th June 1914 Winchester Murder
Herbert Brooker 28th July 1914 Lewes Murder
Percy Evelyn Clifford 11th August 1914 Lewes Murder
Charles Frembd 4th November 1914 Chelmsford Murder
Carl Hans Lody (shot) 6th November 1914 The Tower Spy
John Eayres 10th November 1914 Northampton Murder
Henry Quartley 10th November 1914 Shepton Mallet Murder
Arnold Warren 12th November 1914 Leicester Murder
George Anderson 23rd December 1914 St Albans Murder
Carl Frederick Muller (shot) 23rd June 1915 The Tower Spy
Robert Rosenthal 15th July 1915 Wandsworth Spy
Willem Johannes Roos (shot) 30th July 1915 The Tower Spy
Haicke Marinus Petrius Janssen (shot) 30th July 1915 The Tower Spy
Walter Marriott 10th August 1915 Wakefield Murder
Frank Steele 11th August 1915 Durham Murder
George Joseph Smith 13th August 1915 Maidstone Murder
George Marshall 17th August 1915 Wandsworth Murder
Ernest Waldemar Melin (shot) 10th September 1915 The Tower Spy
Augusto Alfredo Roggen (shot) 17th September 1915 The Tower Spy
Fernando Buschman (shot) 19th October 1915 The Tower Spy
George T Breeckow (shot) 26th October 1915 The Tower Spy
Irving Guy Ries (shot) 27th October 1915 The Tower Spy
William Benjamin Reeve 16th November 1915 Bedford Murder
Albert Meyer (shot) 27th November 1915 The Tower Spy
John James Thornley 1st December 1915 Liverpool Murder
Young Hill 1st December 1915 Liverpool Murder
Harry Thompson 22nd December 1915 Wakefield Murder
John William McCartney 29th December 1915 Wakefield Murder
Lee Kun 1st January 1916 Pentonville Murder
Frederick Holmes 8th March 1916 Manchester Murder
Reginald Haslam 29th March 1916 Manchester Murder
Ludovico Hurwitz Y Zender (shot) 11th April 1916 The Tower Spy
Roger Casement 3rd August 1916 Pentonville Treason
William Allen Butler 16th August 1916 Birmingham Murder
Daniel Sullivan 6th September 1916 Swansea Murder
Frederick Brooks 12th December 1916 Exeter Murder
James Howarth Hargreaves 19th December 1916 Manchester Murder
Joseph Deans 20th December 1916 Durham Murder
Thomas Clinton 21st March 1917 Manchester Murder
John William Thompson 27th March 1917 Leeds Murder
Leo George O’Donnell 29th March 1917 Winchester Murder
Alec Bakerlis 10th April 1917 Cardiff Murder
William James Robinson 17th April 1917 Pentonville Murder
Robert Gadsby 18th April 1917 Leeds Murder
Thomas McGuiness 16th May 1917 Glasgow Murder
William Thomas Hodgson 16th August 1917 Liverpool Murder
William Cavanagh 18th December 1917 Newcastle Murder
Thomas Cox 19th December 1917 Shrewsbury Murde
Arthur Harold Victor De Stamir 12th February 1918 Wandsworth Murder
Joseph Jones 21st February 1918 Wandsworth Murder
Louis Marie Joseph Voisin 2nd March 1918 Pentonville Murder
Verney Hasser 5th March 1918 Shepton Mallet Murder
Louis Van De Kerkhove 9th April 1918 Birmingham Murder
John William Walsh 17th December 1918 Leeds Murder
William Rooney 17th December 1918 Manchester Murder
Benjamin Hindle Benson 7th January 1919 Leeds Murder
George Cardwell 8th January 1919 Leeds Murder
Percy Barrett 8th January 1919 Leeds Murder
Joseph Rose 19th February 1919 Oxford Murder
Henry Perry (aka Beckett) 10th July 1919 Pentonville Murder
John Crossland 22nd July 1919 Liverpool Murder
Thomas Foster 31st July 1919 Pentonville Murder
Henry Thomas Gaskin 8th August 1919 Birmingham Murder
Frank George Warren (aka Burke) 7th October 1919 Pentonville Murder
James Adams 11th November 1919 Glasgow Murder
Ambrose Quinn 26th November 1919 Newcastle Murder
Ernest Bernard Scott 26th November 1919 Newcastle Murder
Djang Djin Sung 3rd December 1919 Worcester Murder
Louis Massey (aka Hind) 6th January 1920 Leeds Murder
Hyman Perdovitch 6th January 1920 Manchester Murder
David Caplan 6th January 1920 Manchester Murder
William Wright 10th March 1920 Lincoln Murder
William Hall 28th March 1920 Durham Murder
Frederick Rothwell Holt 13th April 1920 Manchester Murder
Thomas Caler 14th April 1920 Cardiff Murder
Miles McHugh 16th April 1920 Leeds Murder
Thomas Hargreaves Wilson 6th May 1920 Leeds Murder
Herbert Edward Rawson Salisbury 11th May 1920 Liverpool Murder
William Waddington 11th May 1920 Liverpool Murder
Albert James Fraser 26th May 1920 Glasgow Murder
James Rollins 26th May 1920 Glasgow Murder
Frederick William Storey 15th June 1920 Ipswich Murder
William Thomas Aldred 22nd June 1920 Manchester Murder
Arthur A.C. Goslett (aka Godfrey) 27th July 1920 Pentonville Murder
James Ellor 11th August 1920 Liverpool Murder
James Riley 30th November 1920 Durham Murder
Cyril Victor Tennyson Saunders 30th November 1920 Exeter Murder
Mark Goodmacher 30th December 1920 Pentonville Murder
Edwin Sowerby 30th December 1920 Leeds Murder
Samuel Westwood 30th December 1920 Birmingham Murder
Charles Colclough 31st December 1920 Manchester Murder
George Edward Francis Quinton Lever 7th January 1921 Maidstone Murder
Jack Alfred Field 4th February 1921 Wandsworth Murder
William Thomas Gray 4th February 1921 Wandsworth Murder
George Arthur Bailey 2nd March 1921 Oxford Murder
Frederick Quarmby 5th May 1921 Manchester Murder
Thomas Wilson 24th May 1921 Manchester Murder
Lester Hamilton 16th August 1921 Cardiff Murder
Edward O’Connor 22nd December 1921 Birmingham Murder
William Harkness 21st February 1922 Glasgow Murder
James Hutton Williamson 21st March 1922 Durham Murder
William Sullivan 23rd March 1922 Usk Murder
Edward Ernest Black 24th March 1922 Exeter Murder
Percy James Atkin 7th April 1922 Nottingham Murder
Frederick Alexander Keeling 11th April 1922 Pentonville Murder
Edmund Hugh Tonbridge 18th April 1922 Pentonville Murder
Hiram Thompson 30th May 1922 Manchester Murder
Herbert Rouse Armstrong 31st May 1922 Gloucester Murder
Henry Julius Jacoby 7th June 1922 Pentonville Murder
Joseph O’Sullivan (aka James Connelly) 10th August 1922 Wandsworth Murder
Reginald Dunne (aka John O’Brien) 10th August 1922 Wandsworth Murder
Elijah Pountney 11th August 1922 Birmingham Murder
Simon McGeown 17th August 1922 Belfast Murder
Thomas Henry Allaway 19th August 1922 Winchester Murder
William James Yeldham 5th September 1922 Pentonville Murder
George Robinson 13th December 1922 Lincoln Murder
Frank Fowler 13th December 1922 Lincoln Murder
William Rider 19th December 1922 Birmingham Murder
George Frederick Edisbury 3rd January 1923 Manchester Murder
Lee Doon (aka Leong Lun) 5th January 1923 Leeds Murder
Edith Jessie Thompson (female) 9th January 1923 Holloway Murder
Frederick Edward Bywaters 9th January 1923 Pentonville Murder
William Rooney 8th February 1923 Londonderry Murder
George Perry 28th March 1923 Manchester Murder
Daniel Cassidy 3rd April 1923 Durham Murder
Bernard Pomroy 5th April 1923 Pentonville Murder
Frederick Wood 10th April 1923 Liverpool Murder
John Henry Savage 11th June 1923 Edinburgh Murder
Rowland Duck 4th July 1923 Pentonville Murder
William Griffiths 24th July 1923 Shrewsbury Murder
Albert Edward Burrows 6th August 1923 Nottingham Murder
Hassen Mohamed 8th August 1923 Durham Murder
Susan Newell (female) 10th October 1923 Glasgow Murder
Phillip Murray 30th October 1923 Edinburgh Murder
Frederick William Maximilian Jesse 1st November 1923 Wandsworth Murder
John William Eastwood 28th December 1923 Leeds Murder
Matthew Frederick Atkinson Nunn 2nd January 1924 Durham Murder
Francis Wilson Booker 8th April 1924 Manchester Murder
Michael Pratley 8th May 1924 Belfast Murder
William Horsley Wardell 18th June 1924 Leeds Murder
Abraham (Jack) Goldenberg 30th July 1924 Winchester Murder
Jean Pierre Vacquier 12th August 1924 Wandsworth Murder
John Charles Horner 13th August 1924 Manchester Murder
Patrick Herbert Mahon 3rd September 1924 Wandsworth Murder
Frederick Southgate 27th November 1924 Ipswich Murder
William George Smith 9th December 1924 Hull Murder
Arthur Simms 17th December 1924 Nottingham Murder
William Grover Bignell 24th February 1925 Shepton Mallet Murder
William Francis Albert Bressington 31st March 1925 Bristol Murder
George William Barton 2nd April 1925 Pentonville Murder
Henry Graham 15th April 1925 Durham Murder
Thomas Henry Shelton 15th April 1925 Durham Murder
John Norman Holmes Thorne 22nd April 1925 Wandsworth Murder
Patrick Power 26th May 1925 Manchester Murder
Hubert Ernest Dalton 10th June 1925 Hull Murder
James Winstanley 5th August 1925 Liverpool Murder
James Makin 11th August 1925 Manchester Murder
William John Cronin 14th August 1925 Pentonville Murder
Arthur Henry Bishop 14th August 1925 Pentonville Murder
Alfred Davis Bostock 3rd September 1925 Leeds Murder
Wilfred Fowler 3rd September 1925 Leeds Murder
Lawrence Fowler 4th September 1925 Leeds Murder
John Keen 24th September 1925 Glasgow Murder
Herbert George Bloye 12th November 1925 Norwich Murder
Samuel Johnson 15th December 1925 Manchester Murder
John Fisher 5th January 1926 Birmingham Murder
Lorraine Lax 7th January 1926 Leeds Murder
Herbert Burrows 17th February 1926 Gloucester Murder
John Lincoln 2nd March 1926 Shepton Mallet Murder
Harold Thompson 9th March 1926 Maidstone Murder
George Thomas 9th March 1926 Cardiff Murder
William Thorpe 16th March 1926 Manchester Murder
Lock Ah Tam 23rd March 1926 Liverpool Murder
Eugene De Vere 24th March 1926 Pentonville Murder
George Sharples 13th April 1926 Birmingham Murder
Louie Calvert (female) 24th June 1926 Manchester Murder
Johannes Josephus Cornelius Mommers 27th July 1926 Pentonville Murder
James Smith 10th August 1926 Durham Murder
Charles Edward Finden 12th August 1926 Winchester Murder
Hashankhan Samander 2nd November 1926 Pentonville Murder
James Leah 16th November 1926 Liverpool Murder
Charles Houghton 3rd December 1926 Gloucester Murder
William Cornelius Jones 5th January 1927 Leeds Murder
James Frederick Stratton 29th March 1927 Pentonville Murder
William Knighton 27th April 1927 Nottingham Murder
James Murphy 3rd August 1927 Wandsworth Murder
Frederick Stephen Fuller 3rd August 1927 Wandsworth Murder
John Robinson 12th August 1927 Pentonville Murder
Arthur Harnett 2nd September 1927 Leeds Murder
William Maynell Robertson 6th December 1927 Liverpool Murder
Frederick Fielding 3rd January 1928 Manchester Murder
Bertram Horace Kirby 4th January 1928 Lincoln Murder
Sidney Bernard Goulter 6th January 1928 Wandsworth Murder
John Thomas Dunn 6th January 1928 Durham Murder
Samuel Case 7th January 1928 Leeds Murder
James McKay 24th January 1928 Glasgow Murder
Edward Rowlands 27th January 1928 Cardiff Murder
Daniel Driscoll 27th January 1928 Cardiff Murder
James Gillon 31st January 1928 Wandsworth Murder
James Joseph Power 31st January 1928 Birmingham Murder
George Frederick Walter Hayward 10th April 1928 Nottingham Murder
Frederick Lock 12th April 1928 Wandsworth Murder
Frederick Guy Browne 31st May 1928 Pentonville Murder
William Henry Kennedy 31st May 1928 Wandsworth Murder
Frederick Stewart 6th June 1928 Pentonville Murder
Walter Brooks 28th June 1928 Manchester Murder
Albert George Absalom 25th July 1928 Liverpool Murder
William John Maynard 27th July 1928 Exeter Murder
George Reynolds 3rd August 1928 Glasgow Murder
William Smiley 8th August 1928 Belfast Murder
Norman Elliott 10th August 1928 Durham Murder
Allen Wales 13th August 1928 Edinburgh Murder
William Charles Benson 20th November 1928 Wandsworth Murder
Chung Yi Miao 6th December 1928 Manchester Murder
Trevor John Edwards 11th December 1928 Swansea Murder
Charles William Conlin 4th January 1929 Durham Murder
Frank Hollington 20th February 1929 Pentonville Murder
William John Holmyard 27th February 1929 Pentonville Murder
Joseph Reginald Clarke 12th March 1929 Liverpool Murder
George Cartledge 4th April 1929 Manchester Murder
James Johnson 7th August 1929 Durham Murder
Arthur Leslie Raveny 14th August 1929 Leeds Murder
John Maguire 26th November 1929 Liverpool Murder
Sidney Harry Fox 8th April 1930 Maidstone Murder
Samuel Cushnan (Cushanan) 8th April 1930 Belfast Murder
William Henry Podmore 22nd April 1930 Winchester Murder
Albert Edward Marjeram 11th June 1930 Wandsworth Murder
Victor Edward Betts 3rd January 1931 Birmingham Murder
Frederick Gill 4th February 1931 Leeds Murder
Alfred Arthur Rouse 10th March 1931 Bedford Murder
Francis Land 16th April 1931 Manchester Murder
Alexander Anastassiou 3rd June 1931 Pentonville Murder
Thomas Dornan 31st July 1931 Belfast Murder
William Shelley 5th August 1931 Pentonville Murder
Oliver Newman 5th August 1931 Pentonville Murder
William John Corbett 12th August 1931 Cardiff Murder
Henry Daniel Seymour 10th December 1931 Oxford Murder
Solomon Stein 15th December 1931 Manchester Murder
Eddie Cullens 13th January 1932 Belfast Murder
George Alfred Rice 3rd February 1932 Manchester Murder
William Harold Goddard 23rd February 1932 Pentonville Murder
George Thomas Pople 9th March 1932 Oxford Murder
George Emanuel Michael 27th April 1932 Hull Murder
John Henry Roberts 28th April 1932 Leeds Murder
Thomas Riley 28th April 1932 Leeds Murder
Maurice Freedman 4th May 1932 Pentonville Murder
Charles James Cowle 18th May 1932 Manchester Murder
Ernest Hutchinson 23rd November 1932 Oxford Murder
Jeremiah Hanbury 2nd February 1933 Birmingham Murder
Harold Courtney 7th April 1933 Belfast Murder
Jack Samuel Puttnam 8th June 1933 Pentonville Murder
Richard Hetherington 26th June 1933 Liverpool Murder
Frederick Morse 25th July 1933 Bristol Murder
Varnavas Loizi Antorka 10th August 1933 Pentonville Murder
Robert James Kirby 11th October 1933 Pentonville Murder
Ernest Wadge Parker 6th December 1933 Durham Murder
William Burtoft 19th December 1933 Manchester Murder
Stanley Eric Hobday 29th December 1933 Birmingham Murder
Roy Gregory 3rd January 1934 Hull Murder
Ernest Brown 6th February 1934 Leeds Murder
Louis Hamilton 6th April 1934 Leeds Murder
Reginald Ivor Hinks 3rd May 1934 Bristol Murder
Albert Probert 4th May 1934 Wandsworth Murder
Frederick William Parker 4th May 1934 Wandsworth Murder
Harry Tuffney 9th October 1934 Pentonville Murder
John Frederick Stockwell 14th November 1934 Pentonville Murder
Ethel Lillie Major (female) 19th December 1934 Hull Murder
Frederick Rushworth 1st January 1935 Leeds Murder
David Maskill Blake 7th February 1935 Leeds Murder
Charles Lake (aka George Frank Harvey) 13th March 1935 Pentonville Murder
Leonard Albert Brigstock 2nd April 1935 Wandsworth Murder
Percy Charles Anderson 16th April 1935 Wandsworth Murder
John Stephenson Bainbridge 9th May 1935 Durham Murder
John Harris Bridge 30th May 1935 Manchester Murder
Arthur Henry Franklin 25th June 1935 Gloucester Murder
Walter Osmond Worthington 10th July 1935 Bedford Murder
George Hague 16th July 1935 Durham Murder
Raymond Henry Bousquet 29th October 1935 Wandsworth Murder
Allan James Grierson 30th October 1935 Pentonville Murder
Dorothea Nancy Waddington (female) 16th April 1936 Birmingham Murder
Buck Ruxton 12th May 1936 Manchester Murder
Frederick Herbert Charles Field 30th June 1936 Wandsworth Murder
George Arthur Bryant 14th July 1936 Wandsworth Murder
Charlotte Bryant (female) 15th July 1936 Exeter Murder
Wallace Jenden 5th August 1936 Wandsworth Murder
Christopher Jackson 16th December 1936 Durham Murder
Max Mayer Haslam 5th February 1937 Manchester Murder
Andrew Anderson Bagley 10th February 1937 Leeds Murder
Philip Edward Percy Davis 27th July 1937 Exeter Murder
Horace William Brunt 12th August 1937 Manchester Murder
Leslie George Stone 13th August 1937 Pentonville Murder
Frederick George Murphy 17th August 1937 Pentonville Murder
John Thomas Rogers 18th November 1937 Pentonville Murder
Ernest John Moss 7th December 1937 Exeter Murder
Frederick Nodder 30th December 1937 Lincoln Murder
Walter Smith 8th March 1938 Norwich Murder
Charles James Caldwell 20th April 1938 Manchester Murder
Robert William Hoolhouse 26th May 1938 Durham Murder
Jan Mohamed 8th June 1938 Liverpool Murder
Alfred Ernest Richards 12th July 1938 Wandsworth Murder
William James Graves 19th July 1938 Wandsworth Murder
William Parker 26th July 1938 Durham Murder
George Brain 1st November 1938 Wandsworth Murder
John Daymond 8th February 1939 Durham Murder
Harry Armstrong 21st March 1939 Wandsworth Murder
William Thomas Butler 29th March 1939 Wandsworth Murder
Ralph Smith 7th June 1939 Gloucester Murder
Leonard George Hucker 10th October 1939 Wandsworth Murder
Stanley Ernest Boon 25th October 1939 Wandsworth Murder
Arthur John Smith 26th October 1939 Wandsworth Murder
Peter Barnes 7th February 1940 Birmingham Murder
James Richards 7th February 1940 Birmingham Murder
Ernest Edward Hammerton 27th March 1940 Wandsworth Murder
William Charles Cowell 24th April 1940 Wandsworth Murder
Vincent Ostler 11th July 1940 Durham Murder
William Appleby 11th July 1940 Durham Murder
Udham Singh 31st July 1940 Pentonville Murder
George Edward Roberts 5th August 1940 Cardiff Murder
John William Wright 10th September 1940 Durham Murder
Stanley Edward Cole 31st October 1940 Wandsworth Murder
William Henry Cooper 26th November 1940 Bedford Murder
Jose Waldeburg 10th December 1940 Pentonville Spy
Carl Meier 10th December 1940 Pentonville Spy
Charles Albert Van Dem Kieboom 17th December 1940 Pentonville Spy
Edward Scoller 24th December 1940 Durham Murder
Clifford Holmes 11th February 1941 Manchester Murder
Henry Lyndo White 6th March 1941 Durham Murder
Samuel Morgan 9th April 1941 Liverpool Murder
David Miller Jennings 24th June 1941 Dorchester Murder
George Johnson Armstrong 9th July 1941 Wandsworth Spy
Edward Walter Anderson 31st July 1941 Durham Murder
Karle Theodore Drucke 6th August 1941 Wandsworth Spy
Werner Henrich Walti 6th August 1941 Wandsworth Spy
Josef Jakobs (shot) 15th August 1941 The Tower Spy
John Smith 4th September 1941 Manchester Murder
Eli Richards 19th September 1941 Birmingham Murder
Antonio Mancini 31st October 1941 Pentonville Murder
Lionel Rupert Nathan Watson 12th November 1941 Pentonville Murder
John Ernest Smith 3rd December 1941 Wandsworth Murder
Karel Richard Richter 10th December 1941 Wandsworth Spy
Thomas William Thorpe 23rd December 1941 Leicester Murder
Arthur Peach 30th January 1942 Birmingham Murder
Harold Dorian Trevor 11th March 1942 Wandsworth Murder
David Rodger Williams 25th March 1942 Liverpool Murder
Cyril Johnson 15th April 1942 Wandsworth Murder
Frederick James Austin 30th April 1942 Bristol Murder
Harold Hill 1st May 1942 Oxford Murder
Douglas Edmondson 24th June 1942 Liverpool Murder
Gordon Frederick Cummins 25th June 1942 Wandsworth Murder
Jose Estella Key 7th July 1942 Wandsworth Spy
Alphones L.E. Timmerman 7th July 1942 Wandsworth Spy
Arthur Anderson 21st July 1942 Wandsworth Murder
Thomas Joseph Williams 2nd September 1942 Belfast Murder
Harold Oswald Merry 4th September 1942 Birmingham Murder
Samuel Dashwood 10th September 1942 Pentonville Murder
George Silverosa 10th September 1942 Pentonville Murder
Patrick William Kingston 6th October 1942 Wandsworth Murder
William Ambrose Collins 28th October 1942 Durham Murder
Duncan Alexander Croall Scott-Ford 3rd November 1942 Wandsworth Spy
Herbert Hiram Bounds 6th November 1942 Wandsworth Murder
Johannes Maximum Marinus Dronkers 31st December 1942 Wandsworth Spy
Franciscus Johannes Winter 26th January 1943 Wandsworth Spy
Harry Dobkin 27th January 1943 Wandsworth Murder
Ronald Roberts 10th February 1943 Liverpool Murder
David Cobb 12th March 1943 Shepton Mallet Murder
William Henry Turner 24th March 1943 Pentonville Murder
Dudley George Rayner 31st March 1943 Wandsworth Murder
Gordon Horace Trenoweth 6th April 1943 Exeter Murder
August Sangret 29th April 1943 Wandsworth Murder
Harold A Smith 25th June 1943 Shepton Mallet Murder
Charles Arthur Raymond 10th July 1943 Wandsworth Murder
William Quayle 3rd August 1943 Birmingham Murder
Gerald Elphistone Roe 3rd August 1943 Pentonville Murder
Trevor Elvin 10th September 1943 Leeds Murder
Charles Eugene Gauthier 24th September 1943 Wandsworth Murder
Terence Casey 19th November 1943 Wandsworth Murder
Lee A Davis 14th December 1943 Shepton Mallet Murder
Charles William Koopman 15th December 1943 Pentonville Murder
John Joseph Dorgan 22nd December 1943 Wandsworth Murder
Thomas James 29th December 1943 Liverpool Murder
Christos Georghiou 2nd February 1944 Pentonville Murder
Mervin Clare McEwen 3rd February 1944 Leeds Murder
John H Waters 10th February 1944 Shepton Mallet Murder
Oswald John Job 16th March 1944 Pentonville Spy
Ernest Charles Digby 16th March 1944 Bristol Murder
J.C. Laetherberry 16th March 1944 Shepton Mallet Murder
Sidney James Delasalle 13th April 1944 Durham Murder
Wiley Harris 26th May 1944 Shepton Mallet Murder
Alex F Miranda (shot) 30th May 1944 Shepton Mallet Murder
Ernest James Harman Kemp 6th June 1944 Wandsworth Murder
Pierre Richard Charles Neukerman 23rd June 1944 Pentonville Spy
Joseph Jan Van Hove 12th July 1944 Pentonville Spy
John Gordon Davidson 12th July 1944 Liverpool Murder
James Galbraith 26th July 1944 Manchester Murder
William Alfred Cowle 8th August 1944 Leicester Murder
William Frederick George Meffen 8th August 1944 Leicester Murder
Eliga Brinson 11th August 1944 Shepton Mallet Rape
Willie Smith 11th August 1944 Shepton Mallet Rape
Madison Thomas 12th October 1944 Shepton Mallet Rape
Benjamin Pyegate (shot) 28th November 1944 Shepton Mallet Murder
Ernest Lee Clark 8th January 1945 Shepton Mallet Murder
Augustine M Guerra 8th January 1945 Shepton Mallet Murder
Horace Beresford Gordon 9th January 1945 Wandsworth Murder
Andrew Brown 30th January 1945 Wandsworth Murder
Arthur Thompson 31st January 1945 Leeds Murder
Karl Gustav Hulten 8th March 1945 Pentonville Murder
Arthur Heys 13th March 1945 Norwich Murder
Robert L Pearson 17th March 1945 Shepton Mallet Rape
Parson Jones 17th March 1945 Shepton Mallet Rape
William Harrison 7th April 1945 Shepton Mallet Murder
George E Smith 8th May 1945 Shepton Mallet Murder
Anicet Martinez 15th June 1945 Shepton Mallet Rape
Howard John Grossley 5th September 1945 Cardiff Murder
Thomas Eric Richardson 7th September 1945 Leeds Murder
Erich Koenig 6th October 1945 Pentonville Murder
Joachim Palme-Goltz 6th October 1945 Pentonville Murder
Kurt Zeuhlsdorf 6th October 1945 Pentonville Murder
Heintz Brueling 6th October 1945 Pentonville Murder
Josep Mertins 6th October 1945 Pentonville Murder
Ronald Bertram Mauri 31st October 1945 Wandsworth Murder
Armin Kuelne 16th November 1945 Pentonville Murder
Emil Schmittendorf 16th November 1945 Pentonville Murder
John Amery 19th December 1945 Wandsworth Treason
James McNicol 21st December 1945 Pentonville Murder
John Riley Young 21st December 1945 Pentonville Murder
Robert Blaine 29th December 1945 Wandsworth Murder
William Joyce 3rd January 1946 Wandsworth Treason
Theodore William John Schurch 4th January 1946 Pentonville Treason
William Batty 8th January 1946 Leeds Murder
Michal Niescior 31st January 1946 Wandsworth Murder
John Lyon 8th February 1946 Glasgow Murder
Charles Edward Prescott 5th March 1946 Durham Murder
Arthur Clegg 19th March 1946 Wandsworth Murder
Arthur Charles 26th March 1946 Durham Murder
Marion Grondkowski 2nd April 1946 Wandsworth Murder
Henryk Malinowski 2nd April 1946 Wandsworth Murder
Patrick Carraher 6th April 1946 Glasgow Murder
Harold Berry 9th April 1946 Manchester Murder
Martin Patrick Coffey 24th April 1946 Manchester Murder
Leonard Holmes 28th May 1946 Lincoln Murder
Thomas Hendren 17th July 1946 Liverpool Murder
Walter Clayton 7th August 1946 Liverpool Murder
John Caldwell 10th August 1946 Glasgow Murder
Sydney John Smith 6th September 1946 Wandsworth Murder
David Baillie Mason 6th September 1946 Wandsworth Murder
Neville George Clevelly Heath 16th October 1946 Pentonville Murder
Arthur Robert Boyce 1st November 1946 Pentonville Murder
Frank Joseph Freiyer 13th November 1946 Wandsworth Murder
Arthur Rushton 19th November 1946 Liverpool Murder
John Mathieson 10th December 1946 Pentonville Murder
Stanley Sheminant 3rd January 1947 Liverpool Murder
Albert Sabin 30th January 1947 Leeds Murder
Walter Graham Rowland 27th February 1947 Manchester Murder
Harold Hagger (aka Sydney Sinclair) 18th March 1947 Wandsworth Murder
Frederick Reynolds 26th March 1947 Pentonville Murder
David John Williams 15th April 1947 Wandsworth Murder
Eric Briggs 20th June 1947 Leeds Murder
William Smedley 14th August 1947 Leeds Murder
John Edward Gartside 21st August 1947 Leeds Murder
Christopher James Gerachty 19th September 1947 Pentonville Murder
Charles Harry Jenkins 19th September 1947 Pentonville Murder
Eugeniusz Jurkiewicz 30th December 1947 Bristol Murder
George Henry Whelpton 7th January 1948 Leeds Murder
Hadyn Evan Evans 3rd February 1948 Cardiff Murder
Stanislaw Miszka 6th February 1948 Perth Murder
Walter John Cross 19th February 1948 Pentonville Murder
Stanley Joseph Clarke 18th November 1948 Norwich Murder
Peter Griffiths 19th November 1948 Liverpool Murder
George Russell 2nd December 1948 Oxford Murder
Clifford Godfrey Wills 9th December 1948 Cardiff Murder
Arthur George Osborne 30th December 1948 Leeds Murder
Margaret Allen (female) 12th January 1949 Manchester Murder
George Semini 27th January 1949 Liverpool Murder
Kenneth Strickson 22nd March 1949 Lincoln Murder
James Farrell 29th March 1949 Birmingham Murder
Harry Lewis 21st April 1949 Pentonville Murder
Dennis Neville 2nd June 1949 Leeds Murder
Bernard Alfred Peter Cooper 21st June 1949 Pentonville Murder
Sydney Archibald Frederick Chamberlain 28th July 1949 Winchester Murder
Rex Harvey Jones 4th August 1949 Swansea Murder
Robert Thomas Mackintosh 4th August 1949 Swansea Murder
John George Haigh 10th August 1949 Wandsworth Murder
William John Davies 16th August 1949 Wandsworth Murder
William Claude Hodson Jones 28th September 1949 Pentonville Murder
John Wilson 13th December 1949 Durham Murder
Benjamin Roberts 13th December 1949 Durham Murder
Ernest Soper Couzins 30th December 1949 Wandsworth Murder
Daniel Raven 6th January 1950 Pentonville Murder
James Frank Rivett 8th March 1950 Norwich Murder
Timothy John Evans 9th March 1950 Pentonville Murder
George Kelly 28th March 1950 Liverpool Murder
Piotr Maksimowski 29th March 1950 Birmingham Murder
Walter Sharpe 30th March 1950 Leeds Murder
Albert Edward Jenkins 19th April 1950 Swansea Murder
Roman Redel 7th July 1950 Winchester Murder
Zbigniew Gower 7th July 1950 Winchester Murder
George Finlay Brown 11th July 1950 Durham Murder
Ronald Douglas Atwell 13th July 1950 Bristol Murder
John Walker 13th July 1950 Durham Murder
Albert Price 16th August 1950 Wandsworth Murder
Christopher Harris 30th October 1950 Glasgow Murder
Patrick George Turnage 14th November 1950 Durham Murder
Norman Goldthorpe 24th November 1950 Norwich Murder
James Henry Corbitt 28th November 1950 Manchester Murder
Edward Isaac Woodfield 14th December 1950 Bristol Murder
James Ronald Robertson 16th December 1950 Glasgow Murder
Nicholas Persoulious Crosby 19th December 1950 Manchester Murder
Frank Griffin 4th January 1951 Shrewsbury Murder
Nenad Kovacevic 26th January 1951 Manchester Murder
William Arthur Watkins 3rd April 1951 Birmingham Murder
Joseph Brown 25th April 1951 Wandsworth Murder
Edward Charles Smith 25th April 1951 Wandsworth Murder
James Virrels 26th April 1951 Wandsworth Murder
James Inglis 8th May 1951 Manchester Murder
William Edward Shaughnessy 9th May 1951 Winchester Murder
John Dand 12th June 1951 Manchester Murder
Jack Wright 3rd July 1951 Manchester Murder
Alfred George Reynolds 19th July 1951 Norwich Murder
Dennis Albert Reginald Moore 19th July 1951 Norwich Murder
Robert Dobie Smith 15th September 1951 Edinburgh Murder
John O’Connor 24th October 1951 Pentonville Murder
Herbert Leonard Mills 11th December 1951 Lincoln Murder
Horace Carter 1st January 1952 Birmingham Murder
Alfred Bradley 15th January 1952 Manchester Murder
Alfred Moore 6th February 1952 Leeds Murder
Herbert Roy Harris 26th February 1952 Manchester Murder
Tahir Ali 21st March 1952 Durham Murder
James Smith 12th April 1952 Glasgow Murder
Edward Francis Devlin 25th April 1952 Liverpool Murder
Alfred Burns 25th April 1952 Liverpool Murder
Ajit Singh 7th May 1952 Cardiff Murder
Backary Manneh 27th May 1952 Pentonville Murder
Patrick Gallagher Deveney 29th May 1952 Glasgow Murder
Harry Huxley 8th July 1952 Shrewsbury Murder
Thomas Eames 15th July 1952 Bristol Murder
Frank Burgess 22nd July 1952 Wandsworth Murder
Oliver George Butler 12th August 1952 Oxford Murder
Mahmood Hussein Mattan 3rd September 1952 Cardiff Murder
John Howard Godar 7th September 1952 Pentonville Murder
Dennis George Muldowney 30th September 1952 Pentonville Murder
Raymond John Cull 30th September 1952 Pentonville Murder
Peter Cyril Johnson 9th October 1952 Pentonville Murder
Donald Neil Simon 23rd October 1952 Shrewsbury Murder
Eric Norcliffe 12th December 1952 Lincoln Murder
John Kenneth Livesey 17th December 1952 Wandsworth Murder
Leslie Green 23rd December 1952 Birmingham Murder
Herbert Appleby 24th December 1952 Durham Murder
John James Alcott 2nd January 1953 Wandsworth Murder
George Francis Shaw 26th January 1953 Glasgow Murder
Derek William Bentley 28th January 1953 Wandsworth Murder
Miles William Giffard 24th February 1953 Bristol Murder
John Todd 19th May 1953 Liverpool Murder
John Reginald Halliday Christie 15th July 1953 Pentonville Murder
Philip Henry 30th July 1953 Leeds Murder
Louisa May Merrifield (female) 18th September 1953 Manchester Murder
John Owen Greenway 20th October 1953 Bristol Murder
John Christopher Reynolds 17th November 1953 Leicester Murder
Stanislaw Juras 17th December 1953 Manchester Murder
John Francis Wilkinson 18th December 1953 Wandsworth Murder
Alfred Charles Whiteway 22nd December 1953 Wandsworth Murder
George James Newland 23rd December 1953 Pentonville Murder
Robert William Moore 5th January 1954 Leeds Murder
Czelslaw Kowalewski 8th January 1954 Manchester Murder
Desmond Donald Hooper 26th January 1954 Shrewsbury Murder
William Lubina 27th January 1954 Leeds Murder
James Reginald Doohan 14th April 1954 Wandsworth Murder
Albert George Hall 22nd April 1954 Leeds Murder
John Lynch 23rd April 1954 Edinburgh Murder
Thomas Ronald Lewis Harries 28th April 1954 Swansea Murder
Ian Arthur Grant 17th June 1954 Pentonville Murder
Kenneth Gilbert 17th June 1954 Pentonville Murder
Milton Taylor 22nd June 1954 Liverpool Murder
George Alexander Robertson 23rd June 1954 Edinburgh Murder
William Sanchez De Pina Hepper 11th August 1954 Wandsworth Murder
Harold Fowler 12th August 1954 Lincoln Murder
Rupert Geoffrey Wells 1st September 1954 Wandsworth Murder
Edward Lindsay Reid 1st September 1954 Leeds Murder
Styllou Christofi (female) 16th December 1954 Holloway Murder
William Arthur Salt 29th March 1955 Liverpool Murder
Sydney Joseph Clarke 14th April 1955 Wandsworth Murder
Winston Shaw 4th May 1955 Leeds Murder
James Robinson 24th May 1955 Lincoln Murder
Richard Gowler 21st June 1955 Liverpool Murder
Kenneth Roberts 12th July 1955 Lincoln Murder
Ruth Ellis (female) 13th July 1955 Holloway Murder
Frederick Arthur Cross 26th July 1955 Birmingham Murder
Norman William Green 27th July 1955 Liverpool Murder
Corbett Montague Roberts 2nd August 1955 Birmingham Murder
Ernest Charles Harding 9th August 1955 Birmingham Murder
Alec Wilkinson 12th August 1955 Leeds Murder
John Wilson Vickers 23rd July 1957 Durham Murder
Dennis Howard 4th December 1957 Birmingham Murder
Vivian Frederick Teed 6th May 1958 Swansea Murder
Peter Thomas Anthony Manuel 11th July 1958 Glasgow Murder
Matthew Kavanagh 12th August 1958 Birmingham Murder
Frank Stokes 3rd September 1958 Durham Murder
Brian Chandler 17th December 1958 Durham Murder
Ernest Raymond Jones 10th February 1959 Leeds Murder
Joseph Chrimes 28th April 1959 Pentonville Murder
Ronald Henry Marwood 8th May 1959 Pentonville Murder
Michael George Tatum 14th May 1959 Winchester Murder
Bernard Hugh Walden 14th August 1959 Leeds Murder
Francis Joseph Hutchet 9th October 1959 Jersey Murder
Guenther Fritz Erwin Podola 5th November 1959 Wandsworth Murder
John Louis Constantine 1st September 1960 Lincoln Murder
Francis Forsyth 10th November 1960 Wandsworth Murder
Norman James Harris 10th November 1960 Pentonville Murder
Anthony Miller 22nd December 1960 Glasgow Murder
Wasyl Gnypiuk 27th January 1961 Lincoln Murder
George Riley 9th February 1961 Shrewsbury Murder
Jack Day 29th March 1961 Bedford Murder
Victor John Terry 25th May 1961 Wandsworth Murder
Zsiga Pankotia 29th June 1961 Leeds Murder
Edwin Albert Arthur Bush 6th July 1961 Pentonville Murder
Samuel McLaughlin 25th July 1961 Belfast Murder
Henryk Niemasz 8th September 1961 Wandsworth Murder
Robert McGladdery 10th December 1961 Belfast Murder
James Hanratty 4th April 1962 Bedford Murder
Oswald Augustus Grey 20th November 1962 Birmingham Murder
James Smith 28th November 1962 Manchester Murder
Henry John Burnett 15th August 1963 Aberdeen Murder
Russell Pascoe 17th December 1963 Bristol Murder
Dennis John Whitty 17th December 1963 Winchester Murder
Peter Anthony Allen 13th August 1964 Liverpool Murder
Gwynne Owen Evans 13th August 1964 Manchester Murder