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Old British News is a historic newspaper search service.

Most people sometime in their life are mentioned in the press – even if it’s a few words in a marriage, a school prize or perhaps a sports event. As a source newspapers are invaluable for genealogists and historians. A historic news search can confirm who and where they were at a certain moment. Old British News can search the newspapers to find your ancestor for whatever reason – whether it is a transportation sentence, a minor offence, for bravery, maybe a community event, for probate or something more serious. If it happened it was in the news.

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For those looking for news of their ancestors alive during the First World War we can conduct a newspaper search, provide any items of news, research military records and even conduct some family history research – a service which is free from costs or fees. We believe this brings history and the lives of those before us even closer for everybody (here).

Meanwhile the general news enquiry service (1750 – 1950) continues to bring a unique facility for our users worldwide – and for a one-off fee of just £5 if the research reveals newspaper articles – this continues to be an efficient and economical service popular with so many of our users (here).

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General News, Transportation and Petty Crime (World War One free news research – see below)

A news search based on your general news enquiry. This is for newspaper items published in the British press between 1750-1950.

‘General news’ covers most aspects of life (petty crime, transportation, sport, daily life during that 200 year period).

If your ‘General news’ enquiry generates news items, these can be sent to you by email in PDF format. If your enquiry generates news articles there is a single flat rate (total cost) fee of £5.00 only payable via the PayPal secure system (you do not have to be a member).

For enquiries regarding a British murder or manslaughter please click here.

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World War One (General News, Transportation and Petty Crime – see above)

For enquiries covering the period 1914-1919 (a year after the end of hostilities) we can conduct a British news search, supply any related articles to you by email in PDF format, conduct a British military search if requested, send any detail from the relevant archives and, if you have requested, undertake some British family history research.

Newspapers covered all aspects of war with regional and local media publishing the stories of those who fell and were killed. Those who were decorated or recognised in the field.

On the Home Front newspapers were full of stories of those touched by war – the families, the loved ones, the factory workers and those left behind to run the country. Then there was coverage of crime and the other side of life.

There are no fees or charges for this service (period 1914-1919).

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