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Old British newspapers are invaluable. A real treasure trove. Revealing the real lives of our ancestors.  Apart from births, deaths, obituaries and marriages they expose every possible aspect of life as it really was. Court proceedings, police activity, probate, bankruptcy, sport – even garden parties! So why not do a news search for your ancestors? Just use the form below.

If it happened it was in the news

Old British News

If I find any news items or other related archive, I will send you one email containing the details of the results of my research together with the cost of the copies. A total fee of £5 for up to 8 news articles for each enquiry is all you would normally expect to pay if I find any news reports (click here to see my small fees). A PayPal invoice with my research details will be sent by separate email (you do not have to be a PayPal member to participate).

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Looking for a murder case? Was your ancestor a victim, witness or killer? Then click here and go to my Murder Research service.

National, regional and local British newspapers covering every topic, every story between 1750-1950. Here discover through the British newspaper archives if your family was in the news.

If you know who you are looking for, where the event happened and a little background – then I can do the rest.

Old British News

Most people sometime in their life are mentioned in the press – even if it’s a few words in a marriage, a school prize or perhaps a sports event. As a source newspapers are invaluable for genealogists and historians. A historic news search can confirm who and where they were at a certain moment. Old British News can search the newspapers to find your ancestor for whatever reason – whether it is a transportation sentence, a minor offence, for bravery, maybe a community event, for probate or something more serious. If it happened it was in the news.

For those looking for news of their ancestors alive during the First World War I can conduct a newspaper search, provide any items of news, research military records and even conduct some family history research.

Meanwhile the general news enquiry service (1750 – 1950) continues to bring a unique facility for our users worldwide as an efficient and economical service popular with so many of our users.

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