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I can research, identify British newspaper stories and supply the articles published in the British press between 1750 and 1950. This service is voluntary and free of charge.

Please fill in the form. If I find any articles I will send you the news reports by email as attachments.

Court proceedings, police activity, probate, bankruptcy, sport – even garden parties. Old newspapers expose every aspect of life as it really was. Old newspapers are a real treasure trove. Revealing the real lives of our ancestors. From transported convicts, crime reports, births, deaths, obituaries and marriages. Sometimes newspaper reports are the only remaining record of an event.

Old British newspapers are invaluable for the researcher. They are a treasure trove, revealing the real lives of our ancestors and how they lived. From transported convicts, crime reports, births, deaths, obituaries and marriages.I provide a unique totally free to use service by identifying the stories and supplying the articles published in the British press between 1750 and 1950.

Find out if your ancestors were in the news.

How can I help?

  • Determine what newspapers are available based on the detail you send me.
  • Where and when any relevant news articles were published.
  • What news items are available and the coverage of the event.
  • Consider what each item tells you and its relevance.
  • Identify the articles based on the detail you have provided me.
  • Send you the news articles based on my comprehensive research for no fee.
old newspapers

Gloucester Citizen – Saturday 28 June 1884

What can you expect to find in newspapers?

  • Crime reports
  • Obituaries
  • Birth, marriage, death and funeral notices
  • Announcements of life events
  • Social news
  • Activities of clubs and organisations
  • Legal notices, such as those from court cases
  • Police statements
  • Local events and coverage
  • Bankruptcies
  • Advertisements and business notices
  • Weather
  • Major local events, such as fires and floods
  • Shipping
Old British News

Hampshire Chronicle – Monday 03 November 1828

How old newspapers help you?

  • Life events data, such as birth, marriage and death notices are the basics for family history.
  • Local news can provide a lot of detail, especially about relationships and residence of various family members. This sometimes picks up lost links or branches of a family who stayed or moved. It may also account for a youngster who was born and died between census enumerations.
  • Many snippets of information are buried in the advertisements and legal notices.
  • Marriages, death notices and other short items
  • Notices of sale of land, bankruptcy, dissolutions of partnership which could give clues to a change of financial status.
old newspapers

Leamington Spa Courier – Saturday 06 February 1847

 If I find any news items or other related archive, I will send you an email containing the details of the results of my research together with the cost of the copies.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 18 September 1824


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